Staying Safe

Working Near Power Lines

Whether it's painting your bargeboards or building a new deck, it pays to keep well away from power lines - it could save your life!

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Working Near Power Lines

Painting your bargeboards? Get the power disconnected!
Getting the paintbrush around live power lines is very dangerous. Call us about disconnecting the power. It might cost more, but could save your life.

Before you start building your deck, check for power lines
You don't want to be within touching distance of the powerlines when the deck is done. It might take a bit of extra thought, but it could save your life. 
Things to consider when

Planning Work

If you require a quote for temporarily disconnecting the power, or if you want to talk to someone about some planned work that might get close to power lines on your property, call either Delta
on 03 543 8071 or Vector on 03 544 0072.
Worksafe have published a guide for working near privately owned low voltage overhead electricity lines. The guide explains the risks and how to stay safe when working near low-voltage overhead electrical lines:
Worksafe Guide
Staying safe

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