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Reticulation Design & Construction

Network Tasman delegate design pricing and construction to our local Authorised Line Contractors (ALC). The ALC will prepare a reticulation design for your new subdivision, new line extension, alteration or other development.

Design and Pricing

Start by contacting an ALC of your choice to discuss your power requirements.

They will submit their design to us for approval, and once approval is given they will provide you with a free competitive quote for the new reticulation works.
Our Authorised Line Contractors
Delta Utilities Services Limited 03 543 8071
Powertech Nelson Limited 03 541 0580
PowerWorx 021 466 549
WJ Ashton Services Limited 03 544 8440
ElectroNet Transmission Limited 0800 768 9300
Independent Design and Tendering:
Process Flow Limited 03 540 2625
KHonsultancy Services NZ Limited 022 438 7791

Connection of New Loads Policy

The Connection of New Loads Policy determines what levies or contributions are payable by the developer to us, or alternatively, what if any, contribution we will pay to the developer.

Levies are calculated by powerline distances and requested capacity in kVA or number of lots.

Contributions by us are calculated on the number of lots, residential and/or commercial, and HV assets that will be vested to Network Tasman.
Items such as HV switchgear and distribution transformers are normally provided free of charge. However, you will be required to arrange delivery of these to your site.

Assets that have been altered/upgraded by other developers previously may incur a reappointment cost payable prior to use.

Connection of New Loads Policy

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