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Medically Dependent on Electricity

If a member of your household is medically dependent on electricity their health practitioner should have developed an emergency response plan with them.
Ensuring that all adults in your household are aware of the emergency response plan will make it more likely that in the event of an electricity outage, everyone understands the steps they should take to keep everyone safe. If you do not have an emergency response plan, we recommend you consult with your health practitioner as soon as possible.
Other steps you can take include:
Obtain advice from the supplier of your medical equipment about what to do if the power goes off.
Let your retailer know if you are medically dependent on electricity. 
Have an established network of people that you can call for help and their contact details along with knowledge of your medical equipment.
What you should know about your medical equipment:
Does it have an audible "no power" alarm that will alert you to a power failure?
Does it have a battery back-up or or a standby source of power and for how long?
Do you know how to use the back-up or standby equipment and are you confident that you could operate the equipment in an emergency?
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Any Concerns or Questions?

If you are calling about an interruption to your power supply or a fault, please call
 the toll free number (0800 508 100) for our 24hr Fault Response Line
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