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Consumer Discounts

Network Tasman is a consumer owned electricity distributor and we have been providing network discounts to consumers since 1994. The amount of discount each consumer receives depends on their electricity usage. The discounts appear as a credit on eligible consumers' power accounts.
Consumer Discounts


The next discount provided by Network Tasman will be credited on the power bill you receive from your electricity retailer in late April 2024.

This will be based on your electricity usage from 30 September 2023 to 31 March 2024.
Consumer Discounts


To be eligible for a line charge discount a consumer must have an active, metered connection to the network as at midnight on a specific day.
The relevant eligibility dates for our future discount payments are:
Autumn 2024
Tuesday 23 April 2024
Spring 2024
Monday 23 September 2024
Autumn 2025
Monday 28 April 2025
The following circumstances must be met to receive the discount:
You must have an active, metered connection to Network Tasman's electricity distribution network as of midnight on the eligibility date.
You must be the account holder responsible for paying the line charge for that connection.
Your network connection (ICP) must be metered. No discounts are provided for unmetered ICPs such as phone boxes, temporary boxes, streetlights and electric fence connections.

Find your Line Charge Discount

Discounts are calculated at a rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh) as per our pricing schedule. Discounts will vary between consumers because of consumers' different levels of electricity consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the discount be paid?
Network Tasman provides your discount to your electricity retailer who will credit the amount, in full. The discount should be clearly identified on your power account in the words (or similar) "Network Tasman Line Charge Discount".
How does Network Tasman determine my annual electricity consumption?
Your electricity retailer supplies Network Tasman with the consumption data (kWh usage) based on meter readings at your connection (ICP). This information is used as the basis for calculating your discount credit over the year.
I know I am eligible for a discount, but when will I receive it?
The Spring discount will appear as a credit on your power account sometime between late September and early October. The exact date will depend on when your account is scheduled for delivery from your retailers billing cycle.
Can I have a cheque instead of a credit on my power account?
No, the discount is a credit applied against the line charge component of your power account and it is not a cash distribution. 
I am a landlord and currently have tenants on my property, but I haven't received the discount?
The discount will always be credited to the person who has their name on the power account as at the eligibility date for the particular connection concerned. Normally, this will be the tenant of the property if they are responsible for paying the monthly power bills.
If I have switched retailers during the year, will I still receive a discount?
Yes. It does not matter who your retailer is, or if you have changed retailers, because the discount comes from your local distributor Network Tasman.  It must be passed on to you by your current retailer.
I have just recently sold my property in the Network Tasman area and have been staying with family until my new home is finished. I have been an NTL consumer for several years and will be again shortly. I moved out prior to the eligibility date, why do I not get a discount or a portion of the discount?
To meet the eligibility criteria, you must have an active, metered connection (ICP) to our network and be responsible for paying a line charge at the cut-off date. We suggest you make apportionment arrangements for discounts in your sale and purchase agreement, the same way you would for rates when you are selling your property. Discounts are determined on the basis of the existing billable connections (ICPs) at a point in time.
As a consumer with an eligible connection, how much will my discount credit be?
The amount of discount each consumer receives depends on two things: the price plan you are on and how much electricity is used during the year. Most consumers will receive a discount between $30 to $100.
How can I find out my connection's consumption level used for calculating my discount?
The consumption used in the calculation of your discount relates to the specific ICP number shown on your power account e.g. 0000045362NT38C. The discount calculator on this page provides the total discount that you will receive. By entering in your ICP number you can view your discount and the consumption (kWh) data used to calculate it.
Is there a maximum or a minimum discount amount for any consumer?
There is no maximum or minimum on the discount amount that an individual consumer may receive.
What should I do if the discount credit does not appear on my power account and I think I am eligible
Contact your electricity retailer or call Network Tasman on 0800 508 098.
If I own multiple properties or have more than one connection to my property - will they each receive a discount?
You will receive a discount for each separate eligible supply point (ICP) for your property (or properties) provided you are the person responsible for the power bills at each connection point. i.e if you receive separate power billings for each connection (ICP) then you should also receive a separate discount for each of those connections.
I have recently moved into my current property, so do I get a discount based on the consumption (kWh) I have been billed since I have been here as well as my previous address?
The discount will be based on the consumption of the connection that is in your name as at the cut-off date, and credited to your account, assuming it is eligible on the eligibility date. Consumers often move from one connection to another, and also change retailers. It is impractical to track previous addresses and retailers.
My discount is less than the amount I received last year. Is this the same for everyone?
Because discounts are calculated on the consumption (kWh) used at the connection point, as reported to Network Tasman by retailers, there will be noticeable variability between different consumers and levels will differ from year to year for a given consumer. Network Tasman acknowledges that some consumer may receive a lower discount than in previous years.
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