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Fault Response

If your power supply is interrupted please call us on 0800 508 100 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Responding to power supply faults quickly and efficiently is an important part of our service to consumers on our network.

If you receive a shutdown notification, the power interruption detailed on the card will allow authorised contractors to carry out essential work on the electricity network. While best efforts will be made to estimate the time required for this work, unforeseen events may cause the finish time to vary.

If you experience a fault or shutdown, for your protection treat all lines, electrical installations and wiring as live during a shutdown. Please turn off stoves and heaters, and all sensitive electronic equipment before the shutdown and ensure that they remain turned off until the power is restored.

A contractor will contact you if it is necessary to access your property in order to carry out any required work.

To view a list of areas that will be affected by temporary power outages during the next few weeks
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Stay Safe

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Interrupted Power Supply?

If you are calling about an interruption to your power supply or a fault, please call
 the toll free number (0800 508 100) for our 24hr Fault Response Line
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