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Advanced Meters

In 2014, Network Tasman began a programme to replace aged legacy meters with new Advanced Meters with communications capability. The Advanced Meters provide Network Tasman with a very accurate picture of the state of our network and have the ability to let us know if any network-related problems are developing. This information improves our ability to manage the supply of electricity to your home and business more efficiently and effectively.

We expect that your electricity retailer will share your electricity usage with you so that you can make informed decisions about how you use electricity in your home or business.

Having this information will give you greater control over your energy bills and an understanding of where future efficiency gains can be made - allowing you to save money.

If you have any problems with your meter, please contact your energy retailer. The energy retailers are responsible for the meters on your meterboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advanced meter?
An advanced meter measures electricity usage in your home and communicates that usage and any power outages to a central hub via a radio signal.
How much does an advanced meter cost?
Meter charges are incorporated into your electricity prices from retailers, there is no extra charge for having an advanced meter.
Can advanced meters be used for surveillance or security monitoring?
No. All meter reading data is in code and can only be read by the meter systems computer. No other data (e.g. voice or video) can be transmitted. 
Will my power bill go up if I have an advanced meter?
The fact that you have an advanced meter has no bearing on the price you pay per kilowatt of power. This amount is charged by your electricity retailer.
How long will an advanced meter installation take?
A standard residential installation takes around 30-60 minutes. The power will need to be turned off during installation.
How does the advanced meter work if I have solar panels?
An advanced meter will record electricity that is imported into your premises and exported if you are generating more electricity than you require.
Do advanced meters cause adverse health effects?
No evidence of adverse health effects from advanced meters has been demonstrated in peer-reviewed, science-based research in reputable publications.
How often does an advanced meter transmit information?
An advanced meter is inactive for the vast majority of the time and actively transmits data for less than 1% of any 24 hours.
Has Network Tasman applied for resource consent for the relay and access points?
Yes, the Tasman District Council and the Nelson City Council have provided certificates of compliance enabling the advanced meters to be installed
Can I decide not to have an advanced meter?
Yes, you can. Please contact your electricity retailer directly.   
If I choose not to have an advanced meter, will it cost me more?
This is a question that is best asked of your electricity retailer. While Network Tasman owns and is installing the meters, individual electricity retailers determine their own pricing arrangements for their customers.
What is being done with the profit Network Tasman is making from installing advanced meters?
As a consumer-owned company, any profits the company makes are either used by Network Tasman to invest and manage its electricity network or are included in the twice-yearly discounts on its consumer's power bills.
Will a meter reader still need to come to my home or business?
No. The advanced meter is fitted with a wireless communication device that allows Network Tasman to read your meter remotely.
How is information transmitted from an advanced meter?
All meter reading data is in code and can only be read by the meter system computers. No other data (e.g. voice or video) can be transmitted. Information is only transmitted via radio signal.
What level of radio frequency does an advanced meter transmit?
The level reduces the further away from a meter you are. Even if you are standing next to a meter, the emissions are still well under 1% of the threshold that is allowed in the New Zealand Standards that govern radio energy levels.
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