Network Pricing

Network prices are charged to electricity retailers and make up part of the overall retail prices that are shown on consumers' power bills.

Network Tasman consumers are categorised into load groups based on the level of network capacity they can access via their connection to the network. The pricing categories within each load group depend on the nature of the consumers' electricity use e.g. uncontrolled, controlled, off-peak, day or night, summer or winter.
Network Pricing

Price Reform Roadmap

The electricity sector is entering a time of change and opportunity as a result of climate change, decarbonisation and the growing use of distributed energy resources. In this context, distribution pricing can contribute to better investment in and use of distribution networks, provide better signals to consumers as they consider investing in their own distributed energy resources, and help ensure that New Zealand’s transition to a low-emissions economy is on the most efficient path. Accordingly, it is important we regularly  review our prices to ensure they assist these outcomes.

We have developed roadmaps for our pricing reform process to guide our development and signal potential areas for reform to interested parties. Network Tasman’s current roadmap is published below, along with past roadmaps. Future milestones should be considered indicative as they are influenced by the outcomes and conclusions of earlier roadmap stages. The roadmaps are revised and updated to capture milestones that have been achieved and to respond to changes in regulatory and industry circumstances.
Price Reform Roadmaps:
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