Staying Safe

Working With 
Machinery Near or Under Power Lines

If you want to operate machinery near power lines, you may need a 'close approach' permit from us first.
When to apply for a

Close Approach Permit

Machinery that may require a close approach permit include:
Horticultural elevated work platforms (e.g. cherry pickers)
Mobile cranes or truck mounted cranes (e.g. hiabs)
Concrete pumps
Logging machinery
When applying for a close approach permit, we will ask you about your plans, how close you think you will get to the lines and what safety measures you will be using. Depending on the risk, we might require some additional safety measures to be used including mechanical constraint on machinery and safety observers.

To apply for a close approach permit or to talk through your plans, phone our contractor, 
Delta on 03 543 8071.
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