Staying Safe

Building Near or Under Power Lines

If you are planning to build or do something around our power lines, and you are unsure about whether you will be getting too close to them, give us a call and we can talk through your plans with you.
Building near or under power lines

Code of Practice

There is a code of practice that sets out safety distances and that must be followed for any work that comes close to power lines. This includes:
Building works
Machinery working near power lines
Hop farms
The New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice 34 - Safety Distances:
requires any person who carries out any work near power lines or poles to maintain safe working distances
states a minimum safe approach distance of 4m for any mechanical plant or scaffolding. We may permit a lesser distance where we are satisfied that safety will not be compromised
provides information on how close you can build  before you need to get specialist engineering advice from us
states that where any work is to be done within 5m of a tower, pole or stay wire, we must provide consent in writing before any excavation is carried out. Temporary support of the pole may be required during excavation.

New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice 34 - Safety Distances

Read the Safety Distances Code for building near or under power lines
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