Stay Safe

Be Prepared

Our priority is to always respond and restore power supply faults as quickly as we can. This is an important part of our service to all consumers on our network. However, when an outage takes longer than usual, there are steps you can take to ensure you are properly prepared.

For more information on planned or current outages 
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Preparing for an Outage

With a little planning, you can be prepared for an unexpected power outage.

You should think about what you would do if the weather or a fault on the network causes the power to go off.  Things that will help you manage an unexpected courage include:
A torch and spare batteries - to reduce the risk of fire, we recommend that you don't use candles in a power outage
A charged mobile phone or a landline that does not require electricity
A radio and spare batteries
A supply of water that is not dependent on an electric pump
A barbecue or gas cooker for cooking
A non-electric heating source
An evacuation plan - a prepacked bag and knowing of how to manually operate electric garage doors and gates

How to cope with an Outage

If your power goes off, turn off any machines or appliances that you don't want to unexpectedly start up when the power is restored, for example, cookers and ovens. This is especially important to remember if you leave your house during a power outage. 

Learn how to programme electronic devices such as Freeview recorders and coffee machines with timers. If the power goes off while these are running, they may need to be reset after the power comes back on.

Remember that the power can be restored at any time after any unexpected outage, so treat all lines, electrical installations and wiring as live.

To report a power outage, damage to the power network, or a public safety issue on the network 
phone 0800 508 100.
What to check if you are without power
Check your switchboard to see if there are any blown fuses or circuit breakers that have operated.
Check if there are any planned outages affecting supply in your area. Does your neighbour have power?
If it is neither of these things that have left you without power, please call us on 0800 508 100 to report the problem.
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