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Charging Electric Vehicles

The most cost-effective way for Electric Vehicle (EV) users to charge their vehicles is by charging them at home overnight.
Home charging

Charging EVs at Home

Most EVs come with a charging lead that allows you to charge your EV at home from a standard three pin plug. 

If you want more charging power than this arrangement can provide, you should talk to your electrician who can give advice on the options available.

There are limitations on how much charging power is available at your home before a capacity upgrade of your network connection is required.
Charging electric vehicles

EV Power Tariffs

The most cost-effective way for EV users to charge their vehicle is by charging them at home overnight. Power tariffs are set by your energy retailer, you should check with them about EV charging tariff options.

Check out Power Switch's website which provides information about retailers and their offerings:
Some retailers offer a 'night rate' which gives lower energy costs between certain hours of the night. If they do, then you could set your EV to only charge during the times at night when power is cheaper.
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