Many of us know that road workers have to look out for buried cables when they are doing roadworks. But did you know that there might be power cables buried around your house as well?

Digging, driving stakes and poles or hammering in waratahs on or near your property...

Many houses built since the 1980s have underground power supplies. This means there may be an underground power cable connecting your house to the network cables that run under the strip of land between your house and the road.

Buried cables can present a serious and potentially fatal hazard if you damage them. You should always check for buried cables before digging stakes, fence posts or waratahs into the ground.
Accidents can occur when you do not know where these electrical cables are:
Never assume an area is clear of electricity cables
Be careful when digging post holes or driving stakes in the ground
Cables are not necessarily laid in a straight line
The depth of cables can vary in different situations
Cables are not designed to withstand a blow from a tool or other object

Underground Cables

Unsure where cables are located? Network Tasman approved cable location services are available from these contractors:

DELTA Utility Services

03 543 8071

Power Trace Ltd

027 230 7456
If cables have been located near where you want to dig, get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can discuss how to complete the job safely.

Phone Network Tasman faults immediately on 0800 508 100 if you accidentally hit an underground cable, even if there appears to be no damage.
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