Staying Safe

Digging Near Power Poles

If you are digging near a power pole or other power line support structure (e.g. a power pylon, a stay wire or a ground anchor) you must be careful not to disturb the ground around it causing it to become unstable.
Digging near power poles

Power Pole Support

Power poles have strain placed on them from the weight of overhead conductors. Any lowering of the depth of the ground around a pole can weaken the support of the pole causing it to move or fall.

There is an NZ Code of Practice (NZECP 34) that sets out minimum safe distances for digging near poles and towers. The bigger the pole or tower, the further away you have to be with your excavations. Creating an unstable slope near a pole or tower is also dangerous. 

If you are thinking of digging within 5m of a power pole or 12m of a tower, get in touch with us first on 03 989 3600 or 0800 508 098 so that we can discuss your plans.
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