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Planned Power Outage Notifications

Your electricity retailer will let you know when Network Tasman is planning maintenance in your area that requires your power to be turned off.

Network Tasman sometimes needs to turn off the power to your home or business so that we can carry out maintenance on the network. We notify your electricity retailer well in advance if we have to do this, and then they will let you know about the upcoming power outage.

It is very important that your electricity retailer has your correct contact details so they can notify you by email, text or post.
How will they let me know about a planned outage?
Can I choose how I receive the notifications?
Do they have my correct email address, mobile phone number and postal address?
Emails from your electricity retailer don't get automatically diverted to your email 'Junk' folder by mistake.
If you are a landlord who receives the power account for a tenanted property, make sure you pass outage notifications on to your tenant so they know about it too.
There can be more than one planned power outage that affects you. You will receive a separate notification for each outage.
Get in touch with your electricity retailer if you haven't been notified of a planned power outage.
If you want to know more about how Network Tasman plans maintenance work, 
get in touch with us by email [email protected]
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If you are calling about an interruption to your power supply or a fault, please call
 the toll free number (0800 508 100) for our 24hr Fault Response Line
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