Network Tasman can provide a high-speed fibre connection at your place of work

Our high-speed ethernet service is delivered over fibre so you can extend your LAN seamlessly and efficiently to service providers, the greater business community and the rest of the world.

Because our network is all fibre it can be used for demanding applications that traditional networks would find challenging:

  • Backups – fibre optic backups allow very large amounts of information to be moved offsite on a regular basis in a short amount of time. Businesses using these services have the security of knowing their data is backed up and safe.
  • Telephone services – our telephony partners are innovative and responsive to your needs. From advanced functionality to competitive pricing, our partners can deliver what you want.
  • Across-town ethernet – we can extend your LAN affordably and without data charges with an ‘across-town Ethernet’ connection. LAN-like speeds can be achieved across multiple sites allowing many offices to become one, and for IT functions to be centralised.
  • Internet access – we provide a range of internet access services that can be purchased individually or bundled with other services. All our internet access is fibre optic. This means we can offer much more than standard access, including more bandwidth and decreased latency. 
  • Data centre services – data centres allow customers’ important data files and applications to be held in a safe, dedicated hosting facility. Fibre optic connectivity means customers have access at LAN-like speed.


Firstly you will need to contact one of the service providers listed below so they can check that your address location can access our fibre network. 

If you can access our network you then choose a plan from your service provider. They will contact us to arrange an installation. Once we have all the details we need, we will contact you to arrange an installation plan with a technician.

Our technicians work with you to establish how to get a fibre cable from the street to your place of business. This may involve some access work but we will keep you informed about all aspects of the installation and let you know which components need to be installed on your premises. 

Network Tasman Fibre Service Providers for Business
Contact a provider below to enquire about arranging access to the Network Tasman Fibre network.