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The Network Tasman Trust (the Trust) holds all the shares in Network Tasman Ltd (the Company) on behalf of its consumers. The Trust's primary role is to represent the interest of consumers and ensure an appropriate distribution to those consumers of the benefits of that shareholding and carry out ownership reviews in accordance with the requirements of the Trust Deed. The Trust also holds a capital investment fund from which it distributes grants to individuals, organisations and community groups operating within the Trust area.
The Trust is managed by six trustees, five of whom are elected and one who is appointed by the three largest consumers. All trustees serve six-year terms with the right to be re-elected or re-appointed in the case of the single appointed trustee. An election is held every three years for two or three trustees by rotation.

The next election will be in 2024 when three elected candidates' terms will expire. In 2021, two Trustees, Gwenny Davis and Ian Kearney were re-elected and appointed Trustee, Terry Kreft, was re-appointed.
From left to right: Ian Barker, Gwenny Davis, Patrick Adamson, Ian Kearney, Judene Edgar and Terry Kreft
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