Information on the Peter Malone Community Grants Scheme


Applications close 5pm Friday 27 August 2021.  Please note: Final decision will be made in October 

Download an Application Form

Click on the icons below to download an application form for an Individual or Organisation.

Please ensure that your application meets the following criteria and rules:



  • Applicants must be end users of Network Tasman Limited line facilities as recorded in the records of the Company. In the event of the applicant being an organisation, the purpose of the grant must be of significant benefit to the district serviced by the Company.
  • Projects must be capable of being completed or performed within one year of date of receipt of funding.
  • Evidence must be provided of other funding secured or anticipated including cash, loans, anticipated income and in-kind contributions.
  • The maximum grant is generally $3000.
  • Details of grants will be publicly advertised in the Trust’s Annual Report.
  • Grants are unlikely to be allocated to organisations which have already incurred financial deficits or are budgeting a deficit budget for projects.
  • Successful applicants that have failed to completed their accountability form will be ineligible for further funding until all outstanding accountability requirements have been met.
  • Accountability forms are required within 12 months.


Funding generally falls into five main categories: 

  1. Social support services 
  2. Sport and recreation 
  3. Education 
  4. Art and Culture 
  5. Environmental and Energy-saving 

Generally, grants will not be available for wages or operating costs however consideration will be given to funding the cost of providing specialist services, training and professional development.


  • No applicant can expect an ongoing grant. As a general rule the Trust will not provide funding for more than three consecutive years to any one organisation.
  • Grants will not be made for projects which have budgeted a deficit. Expected income or funding sources that are claimed for in the application must be reasonable and likely to be achieved.
  • Grants may not be used to fund debt repayment.
  • Grants will not be provided to private businesses, government agencies or political parties.
  • No retrospective funding.
  • Purchase or improvement of privately-owned facilities.
  • Activities that involve any tobacco, illegal substances and gaming.
  • Activities or initiatives where the primary purpose is to promote religious belief or political activities.


Grants to individuals are allowed only within the following parameters: 

For representing New Zealand overseas, the maximum grant is up to $1,000.

    • For exceptional circumstances and especially when other assistance is not available, the Trust may offer grants to individuals. Such grants are unable to be substantial and applicants need to be aware of this before applying.


  • All applications must be made on the appropriate application form provided by the Trust.
  • Organisations must provide appropriate financial records of the organisation or project including a copy of the latest annual financial statements and annual report.
  • Applicants may be required to provide additional information and may be required to attend meetings with the Trust or its representatives.
  • At least one quote is required for all requests for capital expenditure.
  • Applicants must undertake to satisfy the Trust that the funds allocated have been used for the approved purpose and are subject to random audit.
  • Successful applicants must supply the Trust with a set of audited or reviewed financial statements, or evidence that the funds have been applied towards the purpose granted for the year in which the grant is received.
  • Individuals who have achieved New Zealand representative status and apply for assistance with travelling expenses should supply appropriate letters of support.
  • Decisions made by the Trust will be final and no further discussions will be entered into.
  • Availability of grants will be advertised in July/August each year and applications for grants will close on the last Friday in August. Small emergency grants will be made in exceptional circumstances.

For more information

For more information about the Peter Malone Community Grants Scheme administered by the Network Tasman Charitable Trust please contact:

Marina Buonocore
The Secretary
Network Tasman Charitable Trust
C/- Craig Anderson Ltd
270A Queen Street, Richmond, Nelson
PO Box 3115, Richmond 7050, Nelson

Telephone:  64 3 544 6179
Fax:  64 3 544 5979