Network Pricing

Network prices are charged to electricity retailers and make up part of the overall retail prices that are shown on consumers' power bills.

Network Tasman consumers are categorised into load groups based on the level of network capacity they can access via their connection to the network. 

The pricing categories within each load group depend on the nature of consumers’ electricity use e.g. uncontrolled, controlled, off-peak, day or night, summer or winter.

Load group category descriptions

Group 0

This category is for unmetered supplies such as electric fences, phone booths, street lights and other very low loads.

Group 1 – 15kVA

This category is for nearly all households and most small business consumers.

Group 2 – From 20kVA to 150kVA

This category includes a limited number of larger domestic consumers and most business consumers.

Group 3

This category is for consumers where demand exceeds 150kVA.

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Network Tasman pricing archive


If you have a query regarding pricing please contact:
Collin Just 
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