Our plan to support future regional growth

Published 21/05/2018

Every year Network Tasman reviews its Asset Management Plan. This plan helps Network Tasman to identify and anticipate key trends in electricity usage on its network and undertake the necessary planning required to keep its consumer-owned network safe, reliable, and fit for purpose. As part of its annual review, the company considers recent network performance (safety and reliability), an updated demand forecast, and the current status of capital and network renewal projects. In its 2018 Asset Management Plan, which is now available on Network Tasman's website here, the company...

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Load control saves you money

Published 07/05/2018

Load control is a mechanism that Network Tasman and many other lines companies use to manage the demand that heating water places on the electricity network during 'peak' demand periods, typically in the morning and early evening on the coldest winter days. Load control allows Network Tasman to shut off devices such as electrical hot water cylinders for a short time, using a ripple control system, then switch them back on during low-demand 'off-peak' periods. As a result Network Tasman can keep costs down and pass those savings on...

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Network Tasman’s residential pricing remains the lowest in NZ despite price increase

Published 27/02/2018

Network Tasman will be increasing its prices by 1.3% from 1 April 2018. This increase equates to 68c per month (excl GST) for the average residential connection. After discount, Network Tasman's residential prices will remain the lowest of New Zealand's 29 electricity distribution companies (MBIE Quarterly Survey of Domestic Electricity Prices, November 2017). Even before taking discounts into account, Network Tasman's residential charges are expected to remain among the cheapest in the country. Chief Executive Oliver Kearney said the company is focussed on continuing to provide good value...

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Recovery following ex cyclone Gita continues

Published 21/02/2018

Power restoration efforts continue as do the challenges presented by access issues. In some areas we cannot get vehicles and equipment to the damaged power lines. Regrettably customers in those areas will need to prepare for another night without power. Areas where we cannot restore supply tonight are: Marahau Hill, Motueka side: 8 customers without power. Lines are down and we cannot access them. Marahau Valley: 17 customers without power. Poles are down and we cannot access them. Brooklyn Valley: 40 customers without power....

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