Media Release - 29 July 2022

Electricity lines company Network Tasman Limited reported an operating surplus after tax of $12.4 million for the year ended 31 March 2022 which was an increase from the previous year ($11.8 million). 

The Chairman of the company Mr John McCliskie noted that "The results for the year reflect strong contributions across all of the businesses". Byotant regional growth continued in Network Tasman's electricity distribution area, with consumer connections increasing by 643 for the year bringing the total number of connections to 42,378.

Mr McCliskie noted that "Over the next ten years we expect there will be a lift in demand across the region as initiatives to decarbonise the economy begin to impact energy use. Network Tasman is focused on ensuring that we can play a leading role as the wider community looks to decarbonise the economy". He noted that "The growth in the region has brought forward a number of projects to provide additional capacity and to ensure the security of electricity supply".
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