Network Tasman works with residential, commercial and industrial subdivision developers to provide fibre optic infrastructure around the Nelson/Marlborough region.

Network Tasman have been installing fibre optic infrastructure in subdivisions around the Nelson/Marlborough region for a number of years. We understand that developers of new subdivisions now expect a premium  broadband fibre service to be available at all new properties in their developments regardless of their proximity to the nearest fibre node. Network Tasman wants to work with residential or commercial and industrial subdivision developers to provide these services. 

Both business and residential property owners are now demanding fibre as the primary telecommunications technology in their new homes or premises. This demand for fibre now impacts on both home buying and business location decision making.

Our team can help with your subdivision requirements and talk you through the process that is associated with extending the NTL fibre network into your development. If you’re planning a new residential or commercial subdivision please contact us on 03 989 3627 or 03 989 3637. 

The subdivision process

  1. We start with a general overview of your planned subdivision.  This includes the concept and development stages with proposed amounts of lots and an indicative staging schedule. We then develop a plan for how to extend our network to reach and service each lot.
  2. Once we have formulated a plan for the actions that are needed we come up with a price for you to agree on and contract to sign. We will then design a specific plan for the reticulation of each stage of construction in agreement with the developer prior to putting the works out to tender.
  3. We start the network infrastructure build to the boundary of each lot, installing a network cabinet as a main distribution point for the subdivision. Our technicians will test and commission each duct ready for the new homeowner to connect to. When the network has been completely installed, tested and commissioned any ongoing repairs or maintenance of the network will become our responsibility.  


The Network Tasman Fibre build

Our typical network distribution infrastructure fibre build is built to the boundary of each lot during construction of the subdivision. This consists of a ducted network which is generally laid in the same trenches as the power. A lead-in duct is extended from the main trench to the customer boundary and extended to the premises when the customer requests a connection. Again, this is laid with power.  

When the home owner signs up with one of our Internet Service Providers we blow in a small fibre-optic cable through the customer lead-in duct using compressed air. Our technicians will terminate, connect, test and commission the fibre connection leaving the homeowner with a broadband service capable of delivering data at the speed of light!