Your electricity discount is on its way

Network Tasman’s consumers will receive a discount credit on their September or October power bill. 

$5.7m of discounts to be provided to consumers

Network Tasman will credit a total of $5.7m to consumers’ September or October power bills. Consumer ownership and a focus on cost efficiency has enabled Network Tasman to credit

$178 million of discounts back to consumers in the region since the discount scheme’s inception in 1994.

“Network Tasman expects to credit $11.9m in discounts back to consumers in 2019/20 —$5.7m this Spring and $6.2m next Autumn,” says CEO Oliver Kearney.


To  be eligible for a Network Tasman discount a consumer must have an active metered connection to our network as at midnight 12 September 2019.

Our network covers the Nelson Tasman region, excluding central Nelson.

Discount rate

Your discount will be calculated based on the amount of electricity you consumed between 1 April and 31 August 2019. Most residential consumers will receive a discount of between $30 and $100.

You can calculate the exact value of your discount using our website calculator (available from 25 September).  Visit:

You will need your ICP number, which is typically at or near the top of page 2 of your bill, near your location address.

The ICP number has 15 characters and starts with several zeros, e.g. 0000055245NT1G2

Further information on discounts

More information about our discount is available on our website: