Unclaimed 2017 distribution cheques

Patrick Adamson (pictured), the Trust Secretary advises that consumers have thousands of dollars in unclaimed distribution cheques! 

On 1 December 2017 Network Tasman Trust distributed to consumers 35,012 cheques with a total value of $3,124,160. As of 28 May 2018, approx 2,000 cheques totaling $190,000 had not been cashed by consumers. 

While 94% of consumers have presented their cheques, the Trust is anxious to ensure that all receive their entitlement. To this end all consumers who have not done so are urged to present their cheques as soon as possible. 

Once cheques are six months old banks will not accept them, but the trust will re-issue them for up to five years from the original date of issue. 

2017 was the last year that cheques would be issued. Any future distributions made by the Trust will be credited onto your power account. 

If you have a stale cheque then please contact Alicia or Patrick at the Trust’s office at Craig Anderson Ltd, 270a Queen Street, Richmond, 03 544 6179, reception@caca.co.nz