Trees and power lines don't mix

Trees and vegetation can cause power cuts.  That’s why it is important to manage them so that they don’t grow too close to power lines. 

Our vegetation team surveys the network regularly, checking for trees and other vegetation that is a risk to the power lines.

Before you plant anything near power lines, consider how big it will grow.

We send ‘cut and trim’ (CT) notices to property owners where we find any trees growing too close to our power lines.  We are required to do this by law under the Electricity (Hazard from Trees) Regulations.  If you receive a CT notice you can choose to have the trees trimmed or felled.  The Regulations state that each tree is entitled to one free trim.  

We keep a database of each surveyed site so if you are eligible for a free trim, our tree contractor will cut the tree back to a safe distance from the power lines. You are then responsible for keeping the tree trimmed in the future so that it doesn’t grow too close again. Trees notified to you in a CT notice must only be cut by a network certified arborist.  They have specific training and the necessary insulated tools to safely cut trees close to power lines. 

Our vegetation surveyors also look for trees that are a high risk to the power lines – these include trees that are diseased, or have damaged trunks/broken branches that could fall onto the power lines.  Owners of these trees will be contacted by our surveyors to discuss their options.

Surveying our power lines and working with tree owners in this way has dramatically reduced the number of power outages caused by trees.  We appreciate the effort that tree owners are making to keep their trees clear of the power lines, your neighbours will too!

If you have any questions please contact our vegetation team on 0800 508 098 or email us at