Network Tasman services 

Network Tasman provides a range of services to consumers including responding to faults, maintaining lines, setting up new connections and providing a high-speed fibre network. 

Home & Business 

Network Tasman delivers a range of services to its consumers including managing new connections to the lines network, managing maintenance and upgrades of the lines network, restoring power supply following outages, installing advanced meters, and providing public safety information about safety around power lines. 

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Electricians & Developers

Please read the following information before you start to work at your site.

Working safely around power lines

Power lines are extremely dangerous and it is very important to know how to work safely around them.

If you want to work near power lines, you must first apply to Network Tasman. We will issue you with a consent that will set out any safety considerations that apply, such as minimum safe approach distances.

The New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice 34 - Safety Distances requires any person who carries out any work near power lines to maintain safe distances.

The minimum safe approach distance for any mechanical plant or scaffolding is four metres. (We may permit a smaller distance where we are satisfied that safety will not be compromised).

Excavating near power lines

Any excavations near power poles need to be made with special care to ensure that poles don't fall.

Power poles have strains placed on them by virtue of the weight of the overhead conductors. Any lowering of the depth of the ground around a pole causes the ground mass to become unstable, thereby weakening the support of the pole.

Often the load strain is not through the centre of the pole, so any change in loading can cause the pole to fall.

The New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice 34 - Safety Distances Section 2 requires that Network Tasman provides written consent before any excavation is carried out within 5 metres of a tower, pole, or stay wire. Temporary support of the pole may be required during excavation.

Underground cables

The Worksafe New Zealand publication 'guide for safety with underground services' can assist you to work safely around buried services.

  • Don't take chances - buried cables can kill
  • Check for buried power cables before digging
  • Be aware that many utilities (e.g. electricity, telephone, gas, water and sewer) share the same underground space

Locating cables

We recommend that you use the methods outlined in the Worksafe New Zealand publication 'guide for safety with underground services' to locate cables.

An electrician probably laid the cable from the street to your house. At the time he should have given you (or the then property owner) a record of the cable location. If you don't have this record, you can arrange for a contractor to plot the route with an electronic cable locator.

If new underground mains are being installed at your premises, or to an outbuilding, you should ensure you get a position record from the electrician showing where the buried cables lie.

Electronic cable locating contractors

Network Tasman's accredited cable location contractors are:

  • Delta Utilities  |  Ph 03 543 8071
  • PowerTrace (Steve Peters)  |  Ph 027 230 7456