Retail Service Provider partners use the Network Tasman Fibre network to deliver a range of services to the end customer.

Network Tasman Fibre services include:

  • Business ethernet connections premium, business and lite offerings dependent on end user requirements
  • Residential ethernet connections – for end users in Network Tasman subdivisions
  • Dark fibre – dark fibre connectivity enables our customers and end users to configure the connection to their own requirements
  • Backhaul – enables our customers to aggregate network traffic and carry it to another point in our network for handover
  • Solutions Network Tasman can work with customers to develop tailored solutions e.g. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) applications

Network Tasman Fibre’s ethernet services are delivered over a fibre optic cable that operates in the layer 2 level of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnect) model. We call this our “Lit Service” as we light up a dedicated high-performance, high-capacity fibre connection that delivers ethernet to your place of work. This dependable and reliable solution means potential bottlenecks don’t slow things up. 

Our customer access (CA) suite of bandwidth options allows your LAN to connect to the greater business community through dependable, flexible, fibre broadband technology that has lit up the top of the South Island since 2010.

The Network Tasman Fibre ethernet cloud extends from Nelson to Blenheim, Richmond, Motueka and most places in between. It offers more bandwidth, lower latency and reliable performance for seamless networking. 

Dark fibre is a dark or unlit strand of glass in a fibre optic cable. When you choose to lease a dark fibre service from Network Tasman Fibre you are choosing to provide an uninterrupted light path between two physical locations, providing security and a medium for serious data transfer.  

This service gives you a choice of technology to light up the ends of a dark fibre strand to deliver your data in a dedicated, purpose-built, point-to-point fibre circuit that does not transit through a service provider’s router or switch. Our team at Network Tasman Fibre can help you with any questions you may have about how to get your data from point A to point B using a reliable and secure dark fibre solution. 

Product specifications

If you are a Retail Service Provider who wishes to know more, download a Network Tasman Fibre Specification Sheet below. 

Service availability

Network Tasman Fibre can provide comprehensive information that highlights where service is available and the characteristics of the services available at these locations. Information is provided in both CSV and KMZ (Google Earth) format.

Wiring Homes for Fibre

Our brochure provides advice for cable installers on the wiring of homes in subdivisions serviced by Network Tasman Fibre.