Network Tasman provides the electricity delivery service to electricity retailers under various agreements:

  • prior to 2021, delivery services were provided under a range of “Use of System Agreements” (UoSA).  The most recent version of this agreement can be viewed here,
  • from 2021, delivery services are provided under a default distributor agreement (DDA) prepared in accordance with a template regulated by the Electricity Authority, and the current version can be viewed here. Appendices to the DDA include:
    • Distributions on behalf of distributor - Appendix A;
    • Provision of trust and co-operative company information - Appendix B; and
    • Provision of consumption data - Appendix C.
  • delivery services can also be provided under alternative agreements negotiated specifically with individual retailers as an alternative to the DDA.

To establish an agreement with Network Tasman and to trade on our network please contact:

Daniel Vincent
Regulatory & Commercial Manager
Network Tasman
Phone: 03 989 3607


Other Information for Retailers