Media Release - New Appointment to the Board of Network Tasman Limited

Published 05/08/2020

More than fifty applications were received for a position on the Board of Network Tasman Limited. These were whittled down to a shortlist who were finally interviewed in person by the Trustees of the Network Tasman Trust. The Trust holds the shares in Network Tasman Limited on behalf of the consumers connected to its network, which extends from Golden Bay and Murchison and back to Cable Bay and Hira. The Trustees appoint the directors of the Board. Trust Chair Gwenny Davis said "Trustees are delighted to appoint...

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Network Tasman increases discounts to consumers

Published 08/07/2020

Network Tasman's consumers will receive a larger than usual discount credit on their July power bill. Network Tasman has announced that it is bringing forward the first of the two discounts it pays consumers each year from October to July. In addition we will also increase the discount payable to all consumers this July to return the previously advised 4% line increase. We are very aware of the impact COVID-19 is having on the Nelson Tasman region and recognise that all of our consumers are affected by...

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Load control saves you money

Published 29/06/2020

Load control is a mechanism that Network Tasman and many other lines companies use to manage the demand that heating water places on the electricity network during 'peak' demand periods, typically in the morning and early evening on the coldest winter days. Load control allows Network Tasman to shut off devices such as electrical hot water cylinders for a short time during the periods of highest demand. As a result Network Tasman can keep costs down and pass those savings on to our consumers. Cheaper prices...

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Staying safe with buried power cables around your home

Published 29/05/2020

Many of us know that contractors have to look out for buried power cables when they are doing roadworks. But did you know that there might be power cables buried around your house as well? Many houses built since the 1980s have underground power supplied. This means there may be an underground power cable (your service line) connecting your house to the network cables that run under the strip of land between your house and the road. Buried cables can present a serious and potentially fatal hazard if...

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