New connections, reconnections and alterations to existing connections

Network Tasman welcomes new connections to its network. Learn more about the Connection Application Process below.

To apply for a:

  • New Connection
  • Metered Temporary Builder’s Supply
  • Metered Temporary to Permanent Connection
  • Capacity Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Decommission (complete permanent removal)
  • Meter relocation
  • Point of supply relocation
  • Phase Change
  • De-Amalgamation
  • Overhead to Underground conversion, or a
  • Reconnection (when supply has been disconnected for six months or more)

you must complete a Network Connection Application form (NCA) for approval. 

The Network Connection Application form is available online at the link below:

or your chosen Electrical Contractor, or from:

Network Operations
Network Taman Ltd
52 Main Road Hope
Phone 03 989 3621
Toll-free 0800 508 098

Read our Connection of New Loads Policy (PDF)

The Application Process


You will need to complete a Network Connection Application form and either submit electronically on line or post to:

Network Operations
Network Tasman Limited
PO Box 3005
Richmond 7050


Network Tasman will process the application within 3 working days of receiving the application. If the application is not approved Network Tasman will notify you or your electrical contractor to seek a resolution.

Approvals could be delayed because:

  • Lack of information submitted
  • There is insufficient system capacity available at the point of connection
  • Easements or other consents are required
  • Voltage is outside regulation tolerances
  • Non-payment of fees, levy, and or capital contribution


Network Tasman will forward the approved application to your energy retailer, your electrical contractor and the Accredited Installing Contractor (AIC) whom you nominated on the form to undertake the work for you. However, for new connections and reconnections you need to make direct contact your energy retailer to confirm your personal details and establish a supply agreement.


Network Tasman administration fees are applied to applications for temporary metered supplies, all new connections, upgrades based on the additional capacity, and reconnections of non-domestic installations de-energised greater than 6 months and for domestic installations de-energised greater than 18 months. A Network Development Levy or Capital Contribution may also apply depending on the installation distance from the nearest zone substation. Please refer to Network Tasman’s New Load Policy Document. Please Note: Network Tasman will not release paperwork to the Accredited Installing Contractor to complete the job if there are outstanding Network Tasman fees.


When the connection is ready for livening or alteration, you or your electrical contractor will contact the Accredited Installing Contractor (AIC) to book in a date and time for them to complete the work.

Accredited Installing Contractors (AIC)

Electrical Contractors (Electricians)

  • Look under Electricians in the Nelson Telecom Yellow Pages.

(Electrical Contractors (Electricians)/customers need to negotiate their own terms with their chosen AIC. Arrangements between the Electrical contractor (electrician) or customer and the AIC are not the responsibility of Network Tasman.)

For more information on new connections, reconnections or alterations to existing connections please email: