The Network Tasman Trust holds all the shares in Network Tasman Limited on behalf of Network Tasman Limited’s consumers.

The Trust is managed by six trustees, five of whom are elected and one who is appointed by the three largest consumers. The elected trustees serve six-year terms with the right to be re-elected.  An election is held every three years for two or three trustees by rotation.

Network Tasman Trustees

  • Gwenny Davis (Chairperson)
  • Terry Kreft
  • Ian Barker
  • Ian Kearney
  • Patrick Adamson
  • Judene Edgar

The Trustees appoint the Directors of the Company and approve the Statement of Corporate Intent (SCI) for the company which, under the Energy Companies Act 1992, requires Network Tasman Limited to operate as a commercially efficient organisation and to achieve the rates of return set out in the SCI.

By achieving its targets, Network Tasman Limited is able to pay a dividend to the Network Tasman Trust. The Trust is then able to provide a distribution to Network Tasman Limited’s consumers. 

The Network Tasman Trust also holds a capital investment fund arising from the proceeds of the sale of the Company's energy retailing division in the 1990s.   

The Network Tasman Trust uses income from the dividend it receives from Network Tasman Limited and income from the Trust’s investment fund to:  

  • Meet the running costs of the Trust
  • Maintain the value of the Trust’s investment fund
  • Allocate approximately $100,000 per annum to consumers and community organisations within Network Tasman Limited’s distribution area by way or grants and loans
  • Provide an annual distribution to Network Tasman Limited’s consumers.

Network Tasman Trust 2022 Meeting Dates

Trustees meet approximately nine times in the year and start their meetings with a 10 minute public forum which is open to end users of Network Tasman’s electricity network. 

The dates and venues for 2022 are as follows, commencing at 10am:

  • 11 February - Network Tasman Ltd, 52 Main Road, Hope VIA ZOOM
  • 25 March - Club Waimea, 345 Queen St, Richmond VIA ZOOM
  • 4 May - Network Tasman Ltd, 52 Main Road, Hope VIA ZOOM AT 9.00AM
  • 15 June - Network Tasman Ltd, 52 Main Road, Hope
  • 29 July - Club Waimea, 345 Queen St, Richmond, followed by AGM at 2.30pm
  • 7 September - Network Tasman Ltd, 52 Main Road, Hope 
  • 26 October - Network Tasman Ltd, 52 Main Road, Hope
  • 16 December - Club Waimea, 345 Queen St, Richmond

If there is any change of date or venue it will be noted here.  If a member of the public wishes to attend a meeting that is held via Zoom, please contact the Secretary’s office ( for an invitation.