Network Tasman reassures customers about pole safety on its network

In response to safety allegations raised on NewsHub’s ‘Story’ programme, Network Tasman CEO Oliver Kearney has moved to reassure customers and members of the public about pole safety on its network.

“The items on the programme concerned Dunedin’s electricity distribution network,” said Kearney. “It highlighted ageing infrastructure, specifically wooden power poles, in Dunedin and Central Otago, and alleged delays in maintenance. Concerningly, the programme implied that other electricity networks around the country are in a poor condition.

“Network Tasman contracts Delta Utilities to undertake maintenance on our network. However, Network Tasman maintains control over the quality and standards of the work. 

“Our asset management planning focuses on long-term consistent re-investment in the network and includes regular inspection of network assets, including poles. We maintain our network to the highest safety standards. We operate a Public Safety Management system which identifies and controls hazards.

“Less than three percent of Network Tasman’s poles are wood and are a treated timber not hardwood used in Dunedin. At Network Tasman we take the safety of the public, and our staff and contractors who work on our network very seriously.

“Network Tasman has benefited from decisions made over many years to build our network using concrete poles rather than hardwood poles. I want to reassure Network Tasman customers and members of the public that we maintain our network to the highest safety standards. Safety is always our first priority.”