Network Tasman is your consumer-owned electricity distributor

This column explains what Network Tasman is, what the benefits of consumer ownership are and how we are different from the company you pay for your electricity.

The diagram shows you how Network Tasman fits into the electricity industry.


Generation companies use water, wind, gas, geothermal energy, steam, or coal to generate electricity.

> There are more than 219 electricity generation stations in New Zealand


The national transmission grid transports high voltage electricity from generators, which are often located in remote areas, to local distribution networks across the country, like Network Tasman. 

> There are over 12,000 km of high voltage transmission lines in New Zealand

3.  DISTRIBUTION (Network Tasman)

The electricity is transformed into lower voltages at transmission substations and transported to homes and businesses through a local distribution network.

> There are over 40,300 consumers on our distribution network

Retailers manage the costs of buying electricity and getting it to your home/business. They buy electricity on the electricity market and pay for transmission, distribution, metering, billing etc. They then package these costs into a single bill for you - your electricity bill.

Network Tasman runs the distribution network in the wider Nelson and Tasman areas (except Nelson city). While all of the consumers on our network own Network Tasman, the shares in Network Tasman Limited are held by Network Tasman Trust, on behalf of our consumers.

One benefit of being consumer owned is that all consumers receive a discount on the distribution portion of their electricity costs. In our column next month, we will discuss the upcoming discounts, when discounts will be paid, and how you - if you are one of our consumers - can check the value of your discount.