Network Tasman increases discounts to consumers

Network Tasman’s consumers will receive a larger than usual discount credit on their July power bill.

Network Tasman has announced that it is bringing forward the first of the two discounts it pays consumers each year from October to July. In addition we will also increase the discount payable to all consumers this July to return the previously advised 4% line increase.

We are very aware of the impact COVID-19 is having on the Nelson Tasman region and recognise that all of our consumers are affected by the pandemic. We are pleased to be able to increase and bring forward our discount payment during this challenging time.

We had decided, before the COVID-19 pandemic, to increase our lines charges by 4% to reflect an increase in our costs. Given the difficult economic conditions, we think we are better positioned to absorb these costs than our consumers.

Accordingly, we have decided to return this price increase to our consumers. Bringing forward and increasing our existing discount payment is the quickest and most direct way to offset this price increase.

The total value of the discount paid in July will be increased by $1 million and will bring the total paid to $6.9 million.

A second discount will be paid to consumers connected to the Network Tasman network in April next year.

Further information on discounts

More information about our discount is available on our website: