Network Connection Application Form

Contact Person Responsible for Work


  • 1. Five (5) working days must be allowed to process this application.
  • 2. To be completed by the person accepting responsibility for any costs incurred by this application.
  • 3. Where necessary, this installation must comply with AS/NZS 3000, the current Electricity Regulations, the Network Tasman Distribution Code and must be certified and inspected prior to livening or relivening.
  • 4. Once this NCA is approved by Network Tasman it is then your own responsibility to arrange a time and date with your nominated Accredited Contractor for Connection, to visit site and complete the works.
  • 5. Easement Route: All necessary electrical easements must be registered prior to NCA approval.
  • 6. This application may incur costs from any of the following: Network Tasman; The nominated Accredited Contractor for Connection; The Energy Retailer; An auditor; Others. It is your responsibility to determine these costs from the respective companies prior to actioning this application.
  • 7. The electrician should not install the mains cable until the connection point and phasing have been approved by Network Tasman.
  • 8. NTL recommend a meterbox size of 600H x 400W x 200D to accommodate a typical meter depth of 115mm


New Totally New Connection
Temp Builder's Metered Supply 1 phase 20 amp meterbox with 3 pin plug on post that is metered, inspected and certified
From Temp Builders Metered Supply to Permanent Supply To change from a temporary builders supply to a permanent supply
Overhead to Underground Conversion To remove the overhead servicemain and install underground
Upgrade Upgrade fuse size
Downgrade Downgrade fuse size
Phase Change To change the number of phases to an installation
Decomission Total removal of metering, fusing and service cable
Meter Relocation Relocation of meterboard requiring resealing eg. internal to external
Reconnection 6 Months + Reconnection of ICP that has been disconnected for > 6 Months
Relocate Point of Supply Shift Connection Point to Network
Price Category Code Change

Electrical Contractor for Prescribed Work

For Multiple Submissions

This section allows you to make a template of default data that you use on most NCA's. Just fill in the form below with the data you will consistently reuse and click 'Save Defaults'. In the future when you are filling in an NCA form just type your Email address in the field to the left and click 'Load Defaults'. Your default data will automatically be loaded into the form.

Name This is who the approved copy of the application form is emailed to, generally your electrician, notifying of application approval or non approval
Phone Number

Installation Control Point

ICP or NCP number:

(if known) found on power account, in meterbox or on crossarm of pole

Installation Address

Where Known

Unit Used if there is more than one dwelling on a property
Street Number Street number or emergency services number
Street Name
Property Name Farm name etc
Lot Either a street number, a CT number or a Lot and DP will be required as an address to process this application
CT Number
Other Useful Information/Site Notes Any site details that might be useful

Applicants Details for Installation

Power Account Holder

Name Name of account holder
Mailing Unit
Mailing Street Number
Mailing Street Address Mailing Address
PO Box or RD Mailing Address is not required if PO Box or RD is provided
Mailing Suburb
Mailing Town
Post Code Postal code of applicant Post Code Finder
Day Phone Phone number is required by retailer to confirm applicant is happy to be the account holder
Afterhours Phone
Email Email address of applicant

Contact Person Responsible for Work

Name Notification of approval is sent to this address, generally the electrician.
Email Address

Mains Size

Installation Type
or other
Example - kiln, play-centre or sawmill
Proposed Service Main Size (mm2) or other This advises the inspectors what the mains cable size is so they can come with the right parts to do the job
Conductor Type(Copper / Aluminium) Cu
Estimated Maximum Demand

Capacity Requested(Amps)

Group 1 (15kVA)

Price Code
1RL This category is for private dwellings that is the primary place of residence of the end-user, consume less than 8,000 kWh pa, and is not normally used for a business activity
1RS This category is for residential connections that use over 8,000 kWh pa and also for those such as water pumps for domestic use, home workshops, baches and other non-primary residential connections
1GL Non-residential connections; businesses, shops, halls etc. This is also for temporary builders supplies that have 20A fusing
1 Phase 60 Amp
2 Phase 40 Amp
3 Phase 30 Amp

Group 2 (20-150 kVA)

Group 3 (>150 kVA)

> 250A Capacity Required

Motors & Other Loads

Detail other connected loads with individual installed capacities greater than 6kW. (e.g.Instant Hot water, Welders, Spa-pools, Pottery Kilns, Irrigation)Motors with a Full Load Rating greater than 1.5kW.Please detail both motor size and power factor.

Motors must comply with the Committee Report on motor starting currents for A C.Motors - 1982.

Are there electric motors on site?
Yes No

Reduced current starting is required on 3 phase motors larger than 4.0kW

System Disturbances & Waveform Distortion

The application is approved subject to the applicant not causing any disturbance or distortion outside the limits specified in the NTL Distribution Code DC 2.3.3. Group 2 installations shall not have a power factor less than 0.95. Refer DC 2.4.3.

The Intended Power Factor of this installation is

I, the electrical contractor, named above, confirm that measures are in place to ensure the power factor at this site will not exceed 0.95


Other Information

Energy Retailer
Preferred Installing Contractor

Invoice To

NTL fees, levies and contributions to be charged to

Applicant Electrician Other :