Media Release - New Appointment to the Board of Network Tasman Limited

More than fifty applications were received for a position on the Board of Network Tasman Limited.  These were whittled down to a shortlist who were finally interviewed in person by the Trustees of the Network Tasman Trust.  The Trust holds the shares in Network Tasman Limited on behalf of the consumers connected to its network, which extends from Golden Bay and Murchison and back to Cable Bay and Hira.  The Trustees appoint the directors of the Board. 

Trust Chair Gwenny Davis said "Trustees are delighted to appoint Dr Allan Miller to the Board of Network Tasman.  Dr Miller is a consulting engineer and will bring valuable knowledge to the Board table.  He joins the Board at a good time, having expertise and understanding in renewable energy, electricity networks, and emerging technology in electricity such as solar power and electric vehicles."

Dr Miller has had nearly 10 years' experience in management at Allied Telesis Labs in Christchurch, led the Electric Power Engineering Centre (EPECentre) and GREEN Grid research project at the University of Canterbury for six years, and is a member of an advisory group to the Electricity Authority.

Dr Miller grew up in the Nelson-Tasman region, where his family goes back five generations.  He is currently in Christchurch, but Nelson-Tasman and its outdoor environment draw him back here several times a year.  "I am delighted to be joing the Board of Network Tasman which serves an area that I know well", said Dr Miller.

Over its nearly 30 years of existence, the Company, under the stewardship of its Board, has always kept in mind that its oversees a company owned by its consumers.  Ms Davis said that it had always sought to keep prices down, and has one of the lowest in the country.  It has also tried to look after the people of Nelson-Tasman by giving back over $230M in discounts in this period.  The Trust itself also distributes a dividend to its consumers and has distributed over $60M to consumers over the years.  The Trust also has an annual programme of grants to community groups across the region. 

"We are well served in our area to have been able to keep Network Tasman in consumer ownership" said Gwenny Davis.  "Millions of dollars have been kept in the hands of local people and supported the region.  We are detlighted to welcome Dr Allan Miller to a Board which runs an excellent company, of which we as Trustees are proud."