Looking after your service line

The ‘service line’ is the power line that runs from your property boundary into your house. Service lines are usually owned by the property owner, not the electricity network.


Service lines may be overhead or underground. In some cases, particularly on rural properties, the service line may be attached to one or more privately-owned poles.

It is a good idea to check your service line (and poles, if you have them) from time-to-time because lack of maintenance can lead to a loss of supply or a safety hazard. If you are concerned about the state of your service line, call a lines contractor or an electrician to get advice.

It is important to make sure that your service line is clear of trees as these can bring the line down during bad weather, leaving you without power. They can also pose a safety hazard, for example if children come into contact with the lines when climbing trees. If you think your trees are getting too close to your service line, get the right advice and help to trim them back:

Option 1: Contact an electricity network-trained arborist to take care of the work safely. There is a list of network trained arborists on our website.

Visit: www.networktasman.co.nz/trees-power-lines

Option 2: The power can be disconnected temporarily using the safety disconnection service, allowing you or your contractor (e.g. a gardener) to do the work safely.

Visit: www.networktasman.co.nz/keep-yourself-safe

Be especially vigiliant when working close to your service line, for example painting a roof or eaves, or doing a job anywhere near where the service line connects with your house. If you have a buried service line and are planning to dig holes, build fences, plant trees or drive warratahs, make sure you know where your service line is before you start. If you are in doubt, get a cable locate carried out first. Information on cable location services is provided on our website.

If you are not sure about whether a powerline on your property is a service line or not, or if you have a question about how to stay safe around your service line, you can email us at info@networktasman.co.nz and we will get back to you.