Load Management

Load Control Graph

The graph in the footer of the Network Tasman website shows the level of load control effort currently deployed by Network Tasman. The graph is updated every 5 minutes or so. 

NTL Load Control

NTL manages peak loads by progressively switching off available interruptible load via signalling devices installed on the network and at consumer premises. Interruptible load is beneficial to Network Tasman. Interruptible load devices are put in place under agreement with consumers and in return NTL offers lower network tariffs and minimum service levels for each type of interruptible load. The primary example of interruptible supply on NTL’s network is controllable hot water heating devices.

Load Control and Transmission Costs

Transpower’s new Transmission Pricing Methodology put in place on 1 April 2008 encourages NTL operate load management in close coordinated with the load control activities of Orion in Christchurch and the other lines companies in the Upper South Island (USI) area. This group has adopted a collaborative approach to constraining peak loads on the USI transmission grid through co-ordination of load management activities. Successful coordination of load management will minimise peak grid loads, defer new grid investment in the USI and constrain the growth in grid charges to the region.

Using the Load Control Graph – Group 3 and 6 Consumers

When Network Tasman's load shedding percentage exceeds 75% it signals the USI transmission grid is approaching peak loading and as Network Tasman’s load shedding percentage approaches 100% there is a reasonable likelihood of new chargeable peak periods occurring.  When the whole bar is red NTL is deploying it maximum load control capability. The longer NTL load shedding remains at 100% the more likely new chargeable peak periods will occur on the USI grid. This forms a reasonable signal for G3 and G6 consumers to manage their load and to continue doing so until the load moves down from 100%.  When the whole graph is grey Network Tasman is not controlling any load and the grid will be operating at normal load levels.

More Information for Group 3 & 6 Consumers

For more detailed information on network and transmission charges and the benefits of load management please click here.