Getting set up for photovoltaic power generation

On a sunny day, photovoltaic power generation systems (PV) connected to our network produce enough electricity to run about 800 average sized houses.

It’s important for us to know when new PV systems are planned for connection to the network because we need to make sure the equipment meets required technical standards and is set correctly to maintain a good level of power quality for everyone using the network. We also need to know where PV systems are so we can keep line workers safe when they undertake network maintenance.

Our process to help guide you through getting a PV system connected to the network is as follows:                                                                 

Stage 1: Before you purchase a system, check our website to understand how the application process works and what sort of things you need to think about, such as whether you want to connect to the network, whether the system meets the required technical standards, and the size of the system.

Stage 2: If you decide you want to connect the system to the network, fill in a pre-purchase application form.  This form is on our website at  We use the information provided on this form to check that the part of the network you want to connect to has the capacity to handle the power from your system and to make sure it meets the required technical standards.  We will also pass your details on to your energy retailer so that they can change your electricity meter so it can handle the exporting of surplus PV power to the network.

Stage 3: Once your system is installed and before it is connected to the network, we need a final sign-off from  an electrical inspector to say it’s safe and that it meets the required standards.  Once we confirm that everything is in order, we will let you know that it’s safe to connect it to the network. Your installer or electrician will help with arranging these things.

If you are thinking about investing in a PV system and you want to connect it to the network, check out our website at, give us a call on 0800 508 098, or email us at