Free complaints process for Network Tasman consumers

Network Tasman is the company responsible for the lines and equipment that distribute electricity to the wider Nelson and Tasman regions, excluding Nelson city.

If you’re unhappy with something we’ve done or a service we’ve provided, we’d like to hear from you – you can phone, write or email us at

We will:

  • respond to your complaint promptly
  • treat you courteously and respectfully
  • work to resolve your complaint fairly and openly

As a utility provider that is a member of Utilities Disputes we have 20 working days to resolve your complaint. If we are unable to resolve your complaint within 20 working days and you do not agree to an extension, you can ask Utilities Disputes to help resolve the matter.

Utilities Disputes

Utilities Disputes operate the government-approved scheme for resolving complaints or disputes about utility companies. You can call on them at any time for advice about a complaint or the complaints process. Their service is independent and free.

Trained conciliators at Utilities Disputes will work with both parties to find a fair and reasonable outcome.

They can:

  • facilitate a phone meeting between the parties
  • call on expert advice about technical or legal issues
  • investigate the facts of the complaint and exchange information between the parties

If we are unable to reach agreement through mediation the Utilities Disputes Commissioner can recommend a settlement; i.e. the Commissioner may recommend a customer service payment to you or recommend we pay you for loss or damage. The Commissioner could also find that we have responded appropriately to your complaint.

If you accept the Commissioner’s recommendation it is binding on Network Tasman. If you don’t agree with the Commissioner’s recommendation you can take your complaint elsewhere, for example the Disputes Tribunal.

Utilities Disputes can look into most complaints you might have about Network Tasman except if:

  • the complaint is about the price we set for goods or However, they can consider whether we have given you appropriate information about prices and have applied the prices correctly
  • the circumstance causing the complaint is more than six years old
  • what you are claiming in resolution of your complaint exceeds $50,000.

Utilities Disputes publishes case studies on its website that illustrate the many types of complaints it works with and the process used to resolve the complaint. The website also has fact sheets on a number of issues and other helpful information.    |    Freephone 0800 22 33 40   |