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What is Network Tasman Fibre?
Network Tasman Fibre is the largest independent regional open access fibre network in New Zealand. 

What is an open access fibre network?
An open access fibre network is one in which fibre cables are leased to any potential user on equal terms. This enables competition between internet and telephone service providers. 

What broadband speed can Network Tasman Fibre deliver?
Network Tasman Fibre is capable of delivering almost unlimited bandwidth, enabling users to access broadband speeds that are a thousand times faster than other networks.

Who uses Network Tasman Fibre? 
Anyone can purchase services from Network Tasman Fibre, however it is best suited to telecommunications companies, internet service providers (ISPs), IT companies, larger companies and organisations. Developers also use Network Tasman Fibre to connect properties (businesses and homes) to high speed broadband via a Retail Service Provider. 

What services can people access via Network Tasman Fibre?
Network Tasman Fibre can connect larger sites within its coverage area to provide them with their own local high-speed network using dark fibre, which they then light up. We also provide a layer 2 ethernet service. In addition, Network Tasman Fibre leases fibre to telecommunication and RSP/IT companies who offer their services to end users over our fibre network. Network Tasman Fibre can provide access to the national education network known as NEN. N4L also utilises Network Tasman Fibre to deliver internet services and educational resources to schools in the top of the South Island.

What is dark fibre?
Dark fibre is cable without electronics connected to it. This is set up for the customer as a local area network and then lit up according to their network speed requirements.

What areas are serviced by Network Tasman Fibre?
The top of the South Island

Can Network Tasman Limited  deliver a bespoke fibre connection to my neighborhood?
Contact us directly for more information

Who owns Network Tasman Fibre?
Network Tasman Ltd