Enjoy your toys and presents this summer and stay safely away from power lines

Many people may have bought or been given drones, model aircraft or kites for Christmas.  They're great fun when used safely but if you aren't familiar with the rules of flying the potential for things to go wrong increases.

Flying drones, model aircraft and kites close to power lines can quickly ruin the fun and put people and property at risk. We want everyone to enjoy their unmanned aircraft this summer and we also want everyone to be safe, especially when around electricity.

Flying your drone or model aircraft too close to power lines or equipment can cause a flashover - an abnormal electrical discharge that can start a fire. Flying too close to power lines or associated equipment can also affect your craft’s signal.

Model aircraft, kites or drones touching power lines or equipment can cause an explosion, a fire or electrocution.

Remember, judging distance from the ground or via an onboard camera is difficult and it does not provide an accurate measurement. Please fly your drone, model aircraft or kite in places where there are no overhead lines and other electrical assets.

Know what to do to keep yourselves, your friends and your family safe. Teach the children around you to play safely with drones, model aircraft and kites.

Here’s what you need to do to help you stay safe:
  • Always fly your aircraft in an area free of power lines and associated equipment
  • Keep your aircraft within your line of sight at all times
  • Fly drones and model craft in clear, calm weather when it is easier to see them and keep them under control
  • Only fly your aircraft during daylight hours
  • If your aircraft becomes entangled in power lines or electrical equipment, or flies into a substation, phone us on 0800 508 100. We will safely retrieve it for The team who work on and around our lines are trained to enter these facilities safely and are on call to help.
Have fun and play safely this summer!