Checking in on Network Tasman’s Performance

Network Tasman is owned by the Network Tasman Trust on behalf of consumers connected to our network.  

As a consumer-owned company, we think it’s important to be transparent about our performance so you, our consumers, can be assured you’re receiving an efficient service that’s value for money.


For each of the last five years, Network Tasman has chosen to set the prices it charges to retailers well below the level allowed by the Commerce Commission. As indicated in the graph (right), after discounts our network charges for residential consumers are the lowest in New Zealand. 

For almost all consumers on our network, our line charges in 2018/19 are only two percent higher than they were five years ago.


During the last year, Network Tasman paid $11.8m (including GST) in discounts to our consumers.  Since 1993 we have returned more than $165m in discounts to our consumers.

Network Tasman Trust – Delivering returns to consumers 

As the owner of Network Tasman on behalf of consumers, the Network Tasman Trust provides an annual distribution to consumers. Last year this distribution was $3m. 

In addition, the Network Tasman Trust provides approximately $100k of community grants and education scholarships.

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As your electricity lines company it’s our job to provide a safe, reliable and fit-for-purpose network and to stay
up-to-date with changes in demand for electricity and in the way people choose to use electricity. 

If you have any questions about our service please don’t hesitate to contact us.