Network Tasman is currently installing advanced meters on properties connected to its network. The advanced meters are being installed at no cost to consumers. 

If you would like any information about the metering at your property please contact your electricity retailer directly.

Why is Network Tasman installing advanced meters?

Network Tasman is continually looking for new technologies that give consumers the ability to control their energy use and reduce their power costs.

Advanced meters are an example of one such technology. An advanced meter sends your monthly usage information to your electricity retailer. This means that there will no longer be a need for meter readers to enter your property. 

Advanced meters will provide Network Tasman with a very accurate picture of the state of our network and will let us know if any network-related problems develop.  This information will give us the ability to manage the supply of electricity to your home more efficiently and effectively.

An Advanced Meter (pictured) is connected to a consumer’s meter board to replace their current meter(s) and ripple relay. Installing advanced meters in homes and businesses  provides a greater understanding of how our consumers use energy.

Over time we expect that your electricity retailer will share your electricity usage information with you so that you can make better decisions about how you use electricity in your home or business. Having this information will give you greater control over your energy bills and an understanding of where further efficiency gains can be made - allowing you to save money.

Future-proofed features 

Installing the advanced meters is the first step in a long-term project.  As more homes and businesses get advanced meters, it is expected that your electricity retailer will introduce ways for you to be able to view your electricity usage either via an in-home LCD display, via a secure website or via a secure app.  

Once this feature is available for you to use you will be able to:

  • manage your energy and electricity bills
  • gain instant feedback on how much power you are using in your home
  • set alarms to alert you if your power usage is too high
  • set energy efficient appliances to interact with your advanced meter to alter usage to suit your lifestyle and manage electricity costs
  • set a timer to turn off 'non-critical' appliances when not in use
  • dynamically select suitable electricity tariff plans through your electricity retailer
  • experience better supply of power to your home or business with fewer outages

We estimate that it will be several years before Network Tasman and/or your retailer will be able to access all of these benefits, but installing advanced meters is the first step toward that future. 

For more information

If you would like additional information about Network Tasman’s involvement in the deployment of advanced meters please contact:

Andrew Stanton

Advanced Metering Development Manager

52 Main Road, Hope

PO Box 3005
, Richmond, Nelson 7050
Phone: 03-989-3600

Fax: 03-989-3630