2021 Trustee Election

The Network Tasman Trust (the Trust) holds all the shares in Network Tasman Ltd (the Company) on behalf of its consumers. The Trust’s primary role is to represent the interest of consumers and to ensure an appropriate distribution to those consumers of the benefits of that shareholding and to carry out ownership reviews in accordance with the requirements of the trust deed. The Trust also holds a capital investment fund from which it distributes grants to individuals, organisations and community groups operating within the Trust area.

The Trust is administered by six trustees, three of whom retired by rotation this year.  Nominations were sought for the election of two trustees to hold office for the next six years. Retiring trustees stood for re-election.


Nominations for the two vacancies on the Network Tasman Trust were received from Gwenny Davis and Ian Kearney. As nominations have now closed and the number of nominations received did not exceed the number of available vacancies, Gwenny Davis and Ian Kearney are declared elected unopposed as trustees.

9 July 2021

Anthony Morton
Independent Returning Officer 
0800 666 043