Network Tasman can provide a new connection at your place of work or residential address. Our high speed Ethernet service is delivered over fibre so you can extend your LAN seamlessly and efficiently to service providers, the greater business community, and the rest of the world.

Installing Fibre for Business

Network Tasman like to keep things straightforward with a minimal amount of fuss so you can get on with the important things like running your business.

We work closely with a team of service providers to give you a business plan for the type of bandwidth option that best suits you. This is fully upgradeable and can be completed anytime.  When you chose a plan from one of our business service providers (see below) they will get in contact with us and we'll then get in touch with you to arrange an installation plan with a technician.

Our technicians work with you to establish how to get a fibre cable from the street to your place of business. This may involve some access work but we will keep you informed about all aspects of the installation and let you know which components need to be installed on your premises. 

Network Tasman Fibre Service Providers for Business:  


Installing Residential Fibre

Network Tasman knows that a fibre cable is the best technology to deliver a broadband connection. That’s why we have been rolling out fibre infrastructure in the Nelson and Marlborough districts for a number of years.

Our high-performance broadband service is fast and reliable allowing the homeowner to continuously stream multiple devices at the same time without any bottlenecks to slow things up. If you’re interested in getting a connection that can deliver data at the speed of light then please get in touch with one of our residential service providers below to find out if Network Tasman Fibre is available in your street.  

The Process

Once you have signed up with one of our service providers (see below) they will get in touch with us. The service provider will have a suite of available bandwidth options to suit your needs ensuring you have the right mix of performance and price.

We will arrange an installation date and connect your property with our fibre network. This is done by using a very small fibre cable that runs from your property to our nearest fibre node.  Our technician will discuss the installation process and then blow in a fibre cable using compressed air via a series of small ducts. This no mess process, means  the  fibre cable takes very little time to install and is working by the time our technician leaves your property. 

If you are building a house please spend some time thinking about your telecommunication requirements as this technology requires communication with your builder and us to get the fibre ducts laid in the ground during the construction of your house. This will then allow a fibre cable to be blown into a point in the house where all your network cables meet. 

Our technician will need access to your property (if your connection point is inside) to terminate, test and commission the fibre cable.  A small network device will be plugged in and connected to your router. This will require the use of an electrical socket.  Once that is completed you will have an industry-leading broadband connection that will be able to handle limitless amounts of data. 

Network Tasman Fibre Residential Service Providers:

Are you an Approved Service Provider?

If you are an approved Service Provider please use these forms for:

Layer 2 Ethernet

• New Customer Access Order Form

Dark Fibre

Point to Point Fibre Circuit Order Form

Would you like to become an approved service provider?

Complete the Service Provider Master Agreement and post to:

Network Tasman Limited
PO Box 3005
Richmond 7050

• Ethernet Master Agreement for Service Providers

• Dark Fibre Master Agreement for Service Providers

Are you looking to run your Own Network?

If you are an organisation who wishes to manage your own network you can contract directly with us for Dark fibre.

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