Safety around underground boxes

Published 23/10/2019

Are you one of the many people who have wondered "What are all the little black and grey boxes on the footpath/side of the road …?". These are Network Tasman's 'underground boxes'. They are the protective covers we place over the fuses that connect the underground power cables to the service cables conveying electricity to your house or business. As these boxes have live electrical components inside them, it's important for public safety that they have securely fitted covers. We have about 12,000 underground boxes on our network,...

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Your electricity discount is on its way

Published 18/09/2019

Network Tasman's consumers will receive a discount credit on their September or October power bill. $5.7m of discounts to be provided to consumers Network Tasman will credit a total of $5.7m to consumers' September or October power bills. Consumer ownership and a focus on cost efficiency has enabled Network Tasman to credit $178 million of discounts back to consumers in the region since the discount scheme's inception in 1994. "Network Tasman expects to credit $11.9m in discounts back to consumers in 2019/20 —$5.7m this...

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Network Tasman is your consumer-owned electricity distributor

Published 28/08/2019

This column explains what Network Tasman is, what the benefits of consumer ownership are and how we are different from the company you pay for your electricity. The diagram shows you how Network Tasman fits into the electricity industry. 1. GENERATION Generation companies use water, wind, gas, geothermal energy, steam, or coal to generate electricity. > There are more than 219 electricity generation stations in New Zealand 2. TRANSMISSION The national transmission grid transports high voltage electricity from generators, which are often located in...

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Network Tasman Annual Result March 2019

Published 26/07/2019

Electricity lines company Network Tasman Limited achieved an operating surplus after tax of $9.7 million for the year ended 31 March 2019. This year's financial result reflects strong contributions from all of the company's businesses including the core electricity, fibre and investment property business units. Buoyant regional growth continued in Network Tasman's electricity distribution area, with consumer connections increasing by 529 for the year (1.3%), while total electricity distributed through the system increased by 1.9% to 761 GWh. Network Tasman Chairman, John McCliskie said that "our network...

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