Our plan to support future regional growth

Published 06/05/2019

Every year Network Tasman reviews its Asset Management Plan. The plan helps us identify and anticipate key trends in electricity usage on our consumer-owned network and use the necessary planning required to keep it safe, reliable and fit for purpose. As part of the annual review, we consider recent network performance (safety and reliability), an updated demand forecast, and the current status of capital and network renewal projects. In our 2019 Asset Management Plan, available now on our website at www.networktasman.co.nz/asset-management-plan, we outline how Network Tasman plans to...

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Network Tasman's discount is on its way

Published 23/04/2019

Network Tasman's consumers will receive a discount or credit on their April or May power bill. $6.3m of discounts to be provided to consumers Network Tasman will credit a total of $6.3m to consumers' April or May power bills. Since the discount scheme's inception in 1994, consumer ownership and a focus on cost-efficiency has enabled Network Tasman to credit $171 million back to its consumers. Eligibility To be eligible for a Network Tasman discount a consumer must have had an active metered connection to...

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Load control saves you money

Published 03/04/2019

Load control is a mechanism that Network Tasman and many other lines companies use to manage the demand that heating water places on the electricity network during 'peak' demand periods, typically in the morning and early evening on the coldest winter days. Load control allows Network Tasman to shut off devices such as electrical hot water cylinders for a short time, using a ripple control system, then switch them back on during low-demand 'off-peak' periods. As a result, Network Tasman can keep costs down and pass those...

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Network Tasman lines charges decreasing from the beginning of April

Published 18/03/2019

"The price reduction is happening for several reasons," says Network Tasman CEO Oliver Kearney. "Firstly, Network Tasman's charges from Transpower for connection to the national grid have fallen and we are reducing our prices to reflect this. Secondly, in addition to our existing low-user plan we are introducing a standard pricing plan for those consumers that fall outside the low-user regulations. These changes will improve the fairness of our charges for our consumers and ensure that lines charges better reflect the costs of our services. "This means our charges...

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