Mapua Area Power Cut 14 January 2019

Published 15/01/2019

Power was cut to approximately 2,250 customers in Appleby, Mapua, Mahana, Upper Moutere and Ruby Bay last evening at 4:53pm when a sheet of iron being transported on a truck blew up into the power lines. The incident occurred in Appleby near the corner of Swamp Rd and SH60. Contractors removed the sheet of iron from the lines allowing power to be restored at 7:20pm. This is the third incidence of loss of supply to the Mapua area in the last 6 months as a result of vehicle related...

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Enjoy your toys and presents this summer and stay safely away from power lines

Published 25/12/2018

Many people may have bought or been given drones, model aircraft or kites for Christmas. They're great fun when used safely but if you aren't familiar with the rules of flying the potential for things to go wrong increases. Flying drones, model aircraft and kites close to power lines can quickly ruin the fun and put people and property at risk. We want everyone to enjoy their unmanned aircraft this summer and we also want everyone to be safe, especially when around electricity. Flying your drone...

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Stay safe around downed power lines

Published 10/12/2018

It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes power lines can end up on the ground. If a car crashes into a pole, or if a tree falls onto power lines, the lines can break and fall down. By knowing what to do in emergencies such as this, you can keep yourself and others safe. If you come across power lines that have fallen to the ground you should: Stay well away from them and warn others to stay away too because the ground...

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Plan now for unexpected outages

Published 28/11/2018

With a little planning you can be prepared for an unexpected power outage. Severe weather events and storms can occur at any time, even during the summer months. Now is a great time to make sure you have everything you need should the weather cause a power outage. Make sure you have: A torch and extra batteries. Either a fully charged cell phone, a landline phone that doesn't require electricity, or if your landline phone is supplied by fibre you may need a...

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