Network Tasman Distribution Code

Effective from 1 December 1998

As part of the terms and conditions for connection, and in the interests of other Users connected to the Distribution Network, this document specifies the technical requirements which must be complied with by Users connecting and operating their equipment on premises connected to the Distribution Network.

This document, the Distribution Code, sets out these terms and conditions.  It covers three broad areas.

1.    technical requirements for connection 
2.    requirements for operational contact 
3.    requirements for long-term planning 

It is also a statement of assurance to the Users of the network of how they can expect the network to be operated and managed.

In addition to complying with the Distribution Code, Users of the Distribution Network will be required to comply with the Current Electricity Regulations and any amendments thereof, and Codes of Practices promulgated under these Regulations.

This document is primarily a technical document and is to be read in conjunction with Use of System Agreements, Conveyancing Agreements, Connection Agreements as appropriate.